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looks like pushies 2 did make it to the front page

And I thank everyone for your help.

I just tried playing Pushies Plus 2 - it's an interesting game. Have you played Mondrian Provoked? It's a free download, search for it if you haven't yet. The gameplay is very similar, I wonder whether you might have been inspired by it in making Pushies. I'm thinking of making a game based on it myself. :)

I searched and played Mondrian Provoked. Surprisingly it is a bit similar to Pushies Plus. What inspired me to make Pushies Plus is the game Pushies by kario and I believe that he wasn't inspired by Mondrian Provoked although it looks like it. So you're making a game based off of Mondrian Provoked or Pushies Plus?

why did pushies 1&2 get awards on the same day? didnt 1 come out before 2?

Pushies Plus got an award on the 27th while Pushies Plus 2 got one on the 28th.

The game I'm planning on making is closer to Mondrian Provoked than Pushies.

I don't know if you want advice on your own Pushies Plus games, but for the third one I'd recommend being very critical about each new element and feature you add to the game. Simplicity is often best undisturbed, and to make sure what you're adding is an improvement, it's a good idea to first test it out on some players and see whether they like it. Stay humble. :) I wish you luck on your game-making career.

Why thank you. I'm definitely going to be putting tons of time and effort into the 3rd game. It's going to be the last one so I have to pretty much make it the best. I'm going to try to stay humble for sure.

If you ever want any advice for your game I'd love to help, just PM me or something. Later and good luck on your game.

Thanks and I hope Pushies Plus 3 goes well for you. I'll definitely let you know when I finish my game, or when it's ready for testing, whichever comes first. :p

I'd love to test your game called (Insert Game Name Here). I actually spent 6 or so hours last night working/reworking JUST the menus for PP3. This game might take more time then I thought, lol.

I really liked selective exposure.

I really like it too. Its a shame it didn't get much exposure to NG, lol!

Hi ENTERNALAM3R reamember me?
i'm the guy who said respond to me....

awesome. but why not moving to games that actually involve characters? you know... like.. advm¿enture games or something

I don't have the time or resources to create a game that involves characters. If I had a team and all the time in the world I could.

speaking of selective exposure, make a porn game

NAAAHA Im just kiddin´'

: D

Hey whats the name of that song in the pushie plus game not the second one. that shits the bomb...